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Action Codes


Our Action Codes identify the maintenance technician’s essential action on the work order. These are used to improve visibility into equipment issues and corrective maintenance actions. The Maintenance Technician enters this code during the work order completion process. See examples from our Library of industry-standard Action Codes below.

Code Definition Example
Replace Replacement of item by new or refurbished item of the same type and make Replacement of a worn-out bearing.
Repair Manual maintenance action performed to restore an item to its original appearance or state Repack, weld, plug, disconnect/ reconnect, remake, etc.
Adjust Bringing any out-of-tolerance condition into tolerance Align, set and reset, calibrate, balance, restart, etc.
Refit Minor repair/servicing activity to return the item to an acceptable appearance, internal or external Polish, clean, grind, paint, coat, lube, oil change, etc.
Troubleshoot The cause of the issue is investigated, but no maintenance action is performed, or action is deferred. Determine job material requirements for planned work. No physical maintenance action, review and investigation only, etc.
Overhaul A major rebuild of a piece of equipment Comprehensive inspection/overhaul with extensive disassembly and replacement of items as specified or required
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