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Vendor Service Codes


Vendor Service Codes identify each MRO vendor’s type of service(s). Vendor Service Codes allow users to identify vendors that supply a given class of services quickly. This could be helpful when going to bid or during an emergency.

MRO Procurement should build a catalog (i.e., library) of services the vendor base offers. Codes are assigned to each service. These codes provide valuable information indicating where the organization spends its service dollars. Additionally, these codes can effectively communicate where to identify approved suppliers for specific services throughout the organization. See examples from our Library of industry-proven Vendor Service Codes below.

Code Definition
AV Audiovisual
CE Cafe Equipment
CLN-E Cleaning – Equipment
CLN-P Cleaning – Project
CLN-R Cleaning – Routine
CLN-W Cleaning – Windows
CLN-S Cleaning – Special Events
CON-A Compressed Air
DON-D Dock Doors
DON-L Dock Levelers
... ...