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Work Permit Type Codes


A Work Permit (also known as a “permit to work”) is a document that includes a description of the work to be performed, the hazards involved, the precautions to take, the required authorizations, and other elements. It is a written record authorizing a specific work at a specific location, and for a specific time.

A Work Permit is an effective vehicle for communicating critical safety information. Define Work Permits to link safety and permitting information to equipment, locations, PM schedules, standard work orders and work orders.

Below are the types of Work Permits.

Hot Work Permit

Hot work permits are used when heat or sparks are generated by work such as welding, burning, cutting, drilling, and where work involves the use of pneumatic hammers and chippers, non-explosion proof electrical equipment (lights, tools, heaters), and internal combustion engines.

Cold Work Permit

Cold work permits are used in hazardous maintenance work that does not involve “hot work”. Cold work permits are issued when there is no reasonable source of ignition, and when all contact with harmful substances has been eliminated or appropriate precautions taken.

Confined Space Entry Permit

Confined space entry permits are used when entering any confined space such as a tank, vessel, tower, pit or sewer. The permit should be used in conjunction with a that describes procedures to follow.

Electrical Permit

A work permit that is required for work on electrical systems where there is a possibility of contacting energized electrical conductors

Special Permits

Some employers use special permits to cover specific hazards such as:

  • Extremely hazardous conditions
  • Radioactive materials
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Excavations
See examples of industry-standard Work Permit Type Codes below.
Code Definition
HWP Hot Work Permit
HWP-FM Hot Work Permit – Flammable materials
HWP-CM Hot Work Permit – Combustible materials
HWP-FG Hot Work Permit – Flammable gas
CWP Cold Work Permit
CSE Confined Space Entry Permit
ELCT Electrical Work Permit
SPC Special Work Permit
SPC-HC Special Work Permit – Hazardous conditions
SPC-RM Speical Work Permit – Radioactive materials