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Work Order Priority Codes


Work Order Priority Codes define when a work order should be addressed relative to other work orders. Work Order Priority Codes prioritize work, sort the backlog, and facilitate the development of weekly and daily maintenance work schedules. See examples from our Library of industry-standard Work Order Priority Codes below. 

Code Definition Notes
1 Emergency
  • An Emergency Work Order is used when there is an actual or potential life-and-limb safety situation, environmental hazard, immediate loss of production, imminent property damage, or interruption to business operations.
  • Response is immediate.
  • This work is considered unplanned and unscheduled.
2 Urgent
  • Urgent work must be done within the current week. This work breaks into the Weekly Work Schedule, and it may break into the Daily Work Schedule.
  • This work is considered unplanned and unscheduled.
3 Routine
  • Routine work can be a repair or preventive / predictive maintenance activity.
  • Routine work can be done next week or later.
  • Routine work makes up the Weekly Work Schedule.
  • This work is considered planned and scheduled.
4 Deferred
  • Work under review
  • Standing work